Daylilies With Variegated Foliage

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Josephine Elizabeth                                White Stripe

JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH                                                                              WHITE STRIPE


Variegated Seedlings from crossing JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH X WHITE STRIPE





Additional seedlings from JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH  X  WHITE STRIPE






Variegated Daylilies

1. Josephine Elizabeth 1st reliable pod parent
most seeds from White Stripe are not viable

2. Trait seems to be related to cytoplasm, passed down from pod parent

3. So far, Parents have been POD Josephine Elizabeth x POLLEN White Stripe

4. Higher than expected number of white seedlings germinate and die within a month. (From crosses involving a variegated parent)

5. The generation of a white base cell in a variegated scape or a variegated fan can be likened to the dispensing of a white gumball from a gumball machine filled with a mixture of white and colored gumballs.  Once in a random while a white gumball is dispensed.  Alternately there may be some percentage of the cytoplasmic bodies that determines if the base cell becomes white. I.e greater than 87% white bodies then cell is white; less than 87% white bodies, then cell is green. However, once the base cell of the fan or scape has been determined as white, the cells arising from that white base cell continue to be white.  Also true for bud and pod, although the white area of a pod is more amoeba shaped.

6.Variegated seedlings were produced in 2015 from crosses where one, both or none of the scapes, buds or pods of the parents showed variegation.

7. Variegation has not generally been expressed in the first year of a seedlings growth.